This group of guys continue to evolve. A 20 year history doing what they love and it’s obvious to see live. With an album already under the belt, Taliesin

also has a laid back acoustic covers set under the name of Silentia

to compliment their well rounded vocal arrangements and tight sound. A new album soon to be released, I got the background on them as a group and how they have evolved over the years.












Keijo Interview with Taliesin

Keijo: It’s about time that I’ve caught up with you guys and I wanted to start on one of your first sets which was Silentia – what is Silentia ? I mean, I looked it up on the internet and I found out that it was actually a medical term for cover screens.

Taliesin: to us, it’s an Anagram of Taliesin.

Keijo: there you go

T : it’s a little in secret and we wait till people notice it and we’ve had 2 notices so far.

Keijo: I caught on to the fact about 10 minutes later, after you told me so that was all good. The first impression that I had was the harmonies. So tonight when you are doing the Silentia, I’ve played in harmony bands before and I can tell that is something you’ve worked on above the guitar? is that correct

T : I think it’s the songs that we do lends it to that. We do songs that we want to do and we don’t care if other people don’t like them, there songs that have harmonies in them and we’ve always liked harmonies so we try to do the song justice. The Silentia stuff is all covers.

Keijo: So Silentia, are you a cover band or are you doing originals ?

T : we are all covers. Silentia was designed as a fun thing to do without our drummer because the drummer was away so often.

Keijo: so the links to Taliesin, it’s like a Taliesin break away

T : yeah, Taliesin has been around for 20 something years. Slientia has been around for probably 2 years. Drummer wasn’t here, 3 of just thought let’s do this

Keijo: how many times do you see a drummer spontaneously combust and then you end up with these sorts of things

T : it happens, it happened to us. We’ve basically been the same band for 20 years

Keijo: Silentia, I did a quick bit of research. I’ve held the Taliesin CD for several years but when it comes down to Silentia, I can’t find the social media presence?

T : no it’s very hidden in amongst the Facebook Taliesin site. It will grow and we will probably give it it’s own page then

Keijo: you had the Cello support as well, “Karin Kapsi” was there.

T : she’s an international superstar. She’s from Estonia and she’s played all over the world and she really knows her shit and watching these guys work a song out, I don’t get a chance to have a cigarette. They are that talented, it’s great.



Keijo: songs like “suck my balls all night”

T : that’s a Steel Panther song, it’s actually called “girl from Oklahoma” .  It’s a love story.

Keijo: so let’s talk about Taliesin, we’ve done that first bit. A 6 string bass guitar. Do you play all 6 strings?

Keijo : Guitarist by trade and switched to bass.

B : Yeah it was easier for me to learn all the bass parts than find a Bass player to do it.

Keijo: are you smurf? I’m looking at smurf and he’s wearing an Iron Maiden Tshirt.  Is that an influence?

Smurf : absolutely. I think it’s an influence in all metal heads. He wouldn’t be part of the band if it wasn’t.

Keijo: I listened to the CD and one thing that really struck me was.. every now and then you had some off Key type stuff going down. If i’m in the middle of a solo, and if I’m a generalist hearer, I hear the 1,4,5 which is what everyone’s accustom to hearing and your doing a 1,4,6.

Smurf: I like to do whatever sounds different. I just don’t like music all sounding the same so I just try to come up with stuff that sounds a bit different but still sounds good to you.

Keijo: that’s the intention? you are actually driving towards that

Smurf: kindof, it’s just whatever I hear in my head and that’s how it comes out.

T : when we stared Taliesin basically that was the aim to hear something that not everyone else was playing. Make it sound a bit original.

Keijo: Drums. Double kick bass where’s the drummer?

T : he’s not here, he’s gone. So that’s why we started Silentia

Keijo: fair enough. A schecter guitar – why?

Smurf : Played a gem for ages and then one day I just decided that I was going to buy a guitar and I wanted to buy a Charvelle , they didn’t have it in stock and I had it in my head that I was going to buy a guitar and the schecter played really nicely and looked a bit like the Charvell so I just bought it and got another Schecter as well so give me an endorsement.

Keijo: I’ll make sure they get the post. Taliesin, Album, When?

T : it’s so close. The artwork is done, the songs are recorded. It’s just basically mastering. Vocal retakes, like ten words and we’re done. It’s months, small amounts of months that we just put off. Two – three months tops I reckon.

Keijo: fantastic, locally a lot of things I heard, when you are promoting your own album, these days, live performance is really the kicker. Do you get the backing of local live support venues

T :  we get the backing of this venue 1000 percent and we can do whatever we like here.

Keijo: you are talking about the Basement in Belconnen.

T : It’s like our lounge room and this venue is superior to 99 percent of venues in Australia, not just Canberra. It’s definitely the best venue in Canberra but if you go anywhere else you’ll find they are furnishing it the same as this place.

Keijo: without this place, let’s just hypothesize for a minute if you didn’t have the Basement, how would a band in Canberra, new album go and play new music.

T : with huge difficulty. It would be almost non existent unless you want to go and busk and that’s not for us. There’s a couple of other small venues like the Pheonix and couple other places but there’s nothing like this, this place is designed for bands like us.

Keijo: guys I’ve really appreciated everything you’ve given me tonight, frank, honest and open and it’s been a brilliant interview, I loved the several sets that you did and we’ll see some photo’s up online soon.