I’ve always liked the idea of fan engagement via an app.

As a band you can send personalised messages such as “Good morning Joe, we are getting back into the studio to start recording again”.  If you are a Fan you could send messages back or direct feeds to their social media pages from the app.

I also want to bring back an appreciation of Album artwork. Album covers were once a collectors item (and still are) but in today’s online environment the works can get lost in the noise. With single songs being streamed – do artists create an artwork for every song? Maybe yes, but I still believe in the collective approach and want to encourage a move to support Album releases in conjunction with individual songs.

What better way than via an App ?

I have been lucky enough to start conversations with ADOBE on this topic as they have a great platform capable of delivering such a solution at scale. I might get to be the first to release my EP in an online store. Cool.

A big platform also means it will be cheaper for start up bands to release their Albums / EPs as an App and all done online.

If you are interested in this concept, you can find out more at bandfanapps.com

Keep Rockin